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Friday, 5 January 2018


Happy New Year everyone! I have to say I was so excited to ring in a New Year not that 2017 wasn't great but you know that feeling where you are just so ready for the next chapter that was most definitely me at the end of December. This NYE was a very special one spent in Disney Land Paris!!! I have to say we were both like two kids on the lead up and Disney most definitely did not disappoint! 

Many of you may already know my Mum lives in France so after spending a couple of days there we took a speed train to Marne-la-Vallée which is the train station situated right at the gates of Disney. We booked both the Disney New Years Eve party and a full day in the Disney park for New Years Day to make the most out of the trip and we were so happy we did.

So once we arrived at Marne-la-Vallée we were kindly picked up by our Airbnb host Alexandrine and her son who spoke excellent english and honestly couldn't have been more helpful throughout our stay. 

Our Airbnb was absolutely spotless and was also located in such a nice area with amazing restaurants, a well known bakery, The Val d'Europe shopping center which has over 200 stores and the well known Vallée Outlet Shopping Village. 
Another thing which we were so happy with was the free shuttle bus to Disney which was located right outside our Airbnb and if you didn't want to take that Disney was a short 15/20 minute walk which we actually did twice just to see the area. 

I know its almost a year away and it is probably the last thing on your mind but if and when you are planning a trip for next NYE I couldn't recommend the Disney land Paris NYE Party enough. I am not sure when exactly the tickets go on sale but I purchased ours back in October and know they did sell out well before the event over on
They were €49 each which ended up being excellent value. We had no idea but we actually had access to all the rides all night in the Disney park with small queues, parades, the famous New Year firework show at midnight etc.

On New Years Day we checked out of our room and had the option to leave our luggage in the baggage room which was absolutely perfect! The Airbnb is located in a block of accommodation which almost feels like a hotel as you have a reception desk, assistance with information regarding hotels, timetables etc, access to the swimming pool etc.
If you want you can also bring your luggage to the train station right beside Disney and pay to leave them there it just depends on what is most convenient for you.

We pre booked tickets for the Disney Land park for January 1st like I said above so once we checked out we got the shuttle bus to Disney for the day.
If you were staying in Paris for a couple of days and just want to experience Disney for a day you can book a return train ticket to Marne-la-Vallée which couldn't be closer to the park.

We couldn't have had a more magical start to 2018 and I am so excited to share lots more blog content with you all in the year.
Thank you so much for all your support and here is to a successful 2018.

Éadaoin xoxo

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Discovering Sumatra | Fashion Aid Travels

I am a typical girly girl I'm not going to lie (at the best of times anyway) so when Martijn mentioned adding a jungle trek into our travel plans I was slightly apprehensive.

Flying from modern Singapore to Medan airport was a culture shock to say the least but a good one! I am usually on my phone when I have a few minutes to myself never mind a five hour car journey but from the second we got our private car to the time we arrived to Bukit Lawang I did not take my eyes from the car window it was just incredible to see the way the locals lived their lives which was so different to home.

Bukit Lawang

So when we arrived to Medan airport we had a driver arranged to pick us up from arrivals (we organised this with The Jungle Inn staff online). Our driver was so nice and got us eventually to The Jungle Inn after a long five hour journey (the traffic and roads in general are crazy btw). 

When we first arrived to Bukit Lawang we were greeted by staff from our accommodation who assisted us with our bags as we actually had a 15/20 minute walk from the car to The Jungle Inn. Always tip locals when you can, they are on such little money so giving them anything at all will make their day.

Our accommodation was the definition of the jungle experience and we absolutely loved it! Bukit Lawang isn't where you go for a glam few days spent sipping champaign and going to and from the spa it has adventure written all over it.

  • The staff at The Junglel Inn were amazing during our stay in Bukit Lawang, they knew the area inside out and helped us with whatever we needed...nothing was too much to ask.
  • We organised a one day jungle trek with our accommodation and this was not only a highlight of Sumatra but our entire summer! We saw not one but three orangutans in their natural habitat and at the end of the day we rafted back to our hotel which was a lot of fun!
  • On our second night in Bukit Lawang we came across an amazing restaurant which you will see more of over on the Fashion Aid YouTube channel. The restaurant was part of the Ecolodge and we ended up having dinner here twice....100% recommend it.
  • Despite the fact it took a lot of persuading from Martijn we did a tour of a bat cave just 10/15 minutes walk from the Ecolodge which was really cool, I cant believe I am even saying that :) 

Next stop: Lake Toba, Samosir

We once again organised a private driver with our accommodation in Bukit Lawang to bring us all the way to Parapat, Lake Toba. Once we arrived after a 7 hour car journey we got dropped off at the ferry. The ferry brings you over to Samosir island in around 30 minutes I think it wasn't too bad at all. The ferry stops off at each of the accommodations which is really handy.

I am not going to lie this part of Sumatra didn't go to plan as much as i thought it would which was down to illness. On our second day I began to get very sick with my stomach and then the next day Martijn got food poisoning which was not good! So despite the fact we got to see lots of the island we didn't do as much as you would do in five days.

  • We booked The Lekjon Cottages for five nights in advance back when we decided to go to Sumatra and they were perfect for us. The view from our cottage was incredible and the staff once again were so friendly and assisted us with whatever we needed. As travelling students for over 10 weeks we didn't have a big budget but this was perfect for us in terms of location and price. One thing I would say about the cottages is the noise so if your looking for somewhere very quiet I wouldn't book it however we are all about getting out and exploring so for the time we weren't sick we didn't find it a problem at all.
  • Samosir does not have a lot of tourists which was a real treat and something we loved about the island just like Bukit Lawang. The locals are all so friendly and when we were both sick they couldn't have been any more helpful with medication, finding a doctor etc.
  • We came across the Tabo Cottages when we were out for breakfast one morning and we were so impressed! We ended up having a couple of meals here over the five days and if you do have a bigger budget I couldn't recommend it enough! It is actually amazing value for what you get. 

When we were leaving the island we were collected by the ferry at our accommodation and brought back to Parapat, from there we booked a private driver who brought us all the way to Medan airport which concluded the Sumatra part of our trip.

I really hope this post helped any of you guys planning a trip to the island of Sumatra or if you are planning a trip to Indonesia in general I couldn't recommend adding Sumatra to your list wont be disappointed.

I also have my Sumatra Adventures video live over on my channel showing you exactly what we got up to.

Have a fab weekend,

Éadaoin xoxo

Monday, 18 September 2017

Exploring Singapore | Fashion Aid Travels

I dont know if it is because we had no idea what to expect or if it was just so different to anything I have seen before but WOW Singapore just amazed us on so many levels. If you are heading to Singapore anytime soon you are in for a serious treat and if your not you need to add it to your bucket list ASAP!!!!
Like I said before I left for my travels I attempted to vlog as well as blog so I do also have a vlog now live over on the Fashion Aid YouTube channel showing you guys around the city.

When it came to flights we made sure to book them well in advance and as a result we got a pretty good deal. When booking all of our flights for our Summer trip we searched for the best deals on Sky Scanner which is an absolute lifesaver because it basically scans through all of the available flights for your chosen dates and gives you the best times, prices etc.
Once we found the best deal we went straight to the chosen airline and booked through there just to illuminate the middle man (you don't have to do this we just did)
We flew from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur to Singapore with KLM for pretty good value but I do know the flight more than doubled in price as the months went on so do book your flights well in advance.

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is one of the most iconic buildings in Singapore and if you have the budget I would 100% recommend you checking it out even for one night, the infinity pool alone looks worth the price. We managed to sneak up to the top floor to check out the view and it was just amazing! There is a Free lazer show on every night at 8pm and im pretty sure there are other times also depending on the night which was pretty cool to see. 
The Shoppers @ The Marina Bay Sands was definitely one of the highlights for me just because I am fashion obsessed so I was most definitely in my element! The range of shops is INSANE....even if your not fashion obsessed I would 100% recommend you checking it out!

On our first night we went to the Gardens by the Bay at around 9.30 and WOW! We knew it was going to be amazing just because we had seen so many pictures on Instagram etc. before the trip but it really is incredible and something definitely worth visiting while your in the city.
We did only have 2 full days to explore the city so the majority of our time was spent just walking around, exploring etc. but overall the trip was absolutely incredible and somewhere I will return to in the near future.

When it comes to accommodation there is some AMAZING 5 star hotels in Singapore so if you don't have a limited budget you need to check out the likes of The Fullerton Bay Hotel , The Marina Bay Sands and The Fullerton Hotel!

We are both full time Business students so unfortunately our budget didn't stretch too far but what we did get for our money was actually perfect and we also had the luxury of a roof top pool. 
We booked the Fragrance Hotel Riverside which was absolutely perfect for the 3 nights in the city and the roof top pool was pretty much the highlight! We landed on around June 20th and with the roasting weather outside it was absolutely heaven to hop into after a busy day exploring the city. I have popped my link below for €15 off your booking! 

I hope this was some what helpful for any of you guys looking to book a trip to Singapore. I honestly couldn't recommend it enough, I definitely think its only going to get better and better!
Have a fab day and dont forget to check out the Fashion Aid YouTube challenge for the VLOG!

Have a fab day,

Éadaoin xoxo
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