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Monday, 12 June 2017

Where Have I Been + My Big Summer Adventure

Jumpsuit with Fill Peplum in Scuba Crepe Direct Link / Black sandals Direct Link

Yes I know it has been forever since my last blog post and trust me that was not my plan but between college, exams and traveling A LOT I didn't get to be as creative with the blog as much as I would have liked....excuses excuses I know. 
I have been spending the last 8 days here in my Mums house in Le Mans, France before heading to The Netherlands and then the big part of the trip starts June 19th :)

I had my little sister Phoebes communion at the end of May where I wore the jumpsuit pictured above and lots of you messaged me for more info so I have popped the link under the picture for any of you interested. It wasn't sitting properly around the chest in this picture because I later realised I didn't have all of the halter neck buttons up. Once they were both up properly it sat a lot better I just didn't have time to take a proper picture later on in the day with all the going. If any of you are heading to a summer wedding or even the races it is so comfy and really easy to put together.

If you follow my other social media you will know YouTube is a focus of mine for 2017 and my most recent video which went live on Friday fills you all in on my "Big Summer Plan" which has technically already started. 
Like I said I have been here in my Mums house in France for the last 8 days now and this Thursday I will be flying to The Netherlands for the next part of the trip. You can check out the video below from the Fashion Aid YouTube channel to find out more in detail about where we will be heading...I am so so excited.

I had to make the video to fill you guys in on where we are heading, my top tips for planning a big trip etc. because honestly the blog post would be way too long and no-one wants to be reading for hours either. 
What I have done is popped the discount code for my Airbnb which gives you €35 off your first visit and my €15 discount code for below if any of you are planning on booking a trip anytime soon. Link for Discount

All I can really do now is fill you in on where we are going and what I have learned from booking such a big trip so far which is all in the video above but once I come back I will do a blog post filling you in on each location, accommodation, recommendations etc.

Over the last 8 days I have just enjoyed spending time here with my Mum and Martial and relaxing after a crazy couple of weeks in Ireland. For more snaps and to keep up to date with my travels both here, The Netherlands and also South East Asia you can check out the Fashion Aid Instagram and Snapchat @Fashionaid.

Any of you following my social media would have seen I was treated to a trip to Château de Chenonceau on Saturday and oh my god if any of you ever get to go you have to, it was the definition of Instagram heaven :) I took some footage while I was there so I might even get to pop it into my next video which will hopefully be very soon. 

Faux Leather Dress With Frills Direct Link

Have a fab day and I can not wait to bring you all along on more of my travels.

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart".

Éadaoin xoxo

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Evaluating your own happiness

Light blue and Rust Stripe Tie Waist Playsuit Direct Link / Belted Duster Direct Link / Suede over the knee boots Direct Link 

So I have been spending the last couple of hours thinking "what the hell am I going to write about" and just nothing was coming to me like it usually does. I usually try to keep my content some what fashion, beauty or travel related but this is one of them some what personal posts. I try to keep my private life as separate as possible from the blog but posting on social media on a daily basis does mean some of my private life does come through. As most of you will know last August I moved to Donbirn, Austria on a Erasmus for six months and as much as it was the most amazing six months of my life I certainly was faced with some challenges along the way. 

Before moving to Austria I never realised how busy I actually was and how much juggling I was doing until I made the big move and once I settled in to my new home It didn't take me long to realise there were a number of factors in my life that I just wasn't happy with. I made the decision to man up and make some changes, despite the fact it was no easy task I am now the happiest I have been in a very long time.

If I can give you any piece of advice it is to sit back no matter how busy you are and say "am I happy?" it sounds so easy and yes asking yourself the question is but acting on the answers certainly is not, it may be a job, relationship, friendship etc. that is stopping you from being happy and if that is the case you need to do exactly what I did and act on it. 
Life is too short to be anything but happy.

"Do what is right not what is easy".

Éadaoin xoxo

Monday, 30 January 2017

Fashion Aid Travels | My weekend in Rotterdam

Black long sleeve bell sleeve top Direct Link / Contrasting side leggings Direct Link / Flat over the knee boots Direct Link / 

Hey everyone, If you follow the Fashion Aid Instagram, Snapchat etc. I am sure you already know I spent the last couple of days in the city of Rotterdam which is located in the Netherlands and the fact I am already posting about it should show how impressed I was with my was AMAZING!
I am a busy third year Business Studies student so trust me I am paying for it today but it was so worth it. I am not going to lie I didn't have extremely high expectations just because I hadn't heard that much about the city in terms of attractions, night life, shopping etc. but let me tell you I couldn't have been more impressed in pretty much every aspect of the city.

One place in particular which really stood out to me and I got lots of snaps about was the "Markthal" which is pictured below, this building is home to some of the most amazing food stands and restaurants and for anyone who is lucky enough to experience it for themselves you have to check out the SUMO Sushi restaurant it is just FAB (I was in heaven!)
This look was shot on my second day of the trip and to be honest it was kind of thrown together, the top is so comfy and I just love the big bell sleeves. Like I always say when you plan to do a lot of walking comfy shoes are a must and these long boots were no exception  and they are on sale (I love me a bargain)

"Don't call it a dream, call it a plan".

Éadaoin xoxo

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Drop the fear

Casual shirt dress Direct Link / Over the knee boots Direct Link / Faux fur stole: Purchased in Paris

So I felt it was about time to pop on here and update you guys. If you follow me over on my social media platforms you will already know this day two weeks ago I arrived back in Dublin airport after the most amazing five months of my life. My baby sisters gave me the best welcome home by standing patiently at the arrivals with big posters they made to welcome me home. The following day I moved into my new home in Galway City for college which started back the next day so as you can imagine I was one busy lady....I still havent stopped going.

I must admit the original plan when I set off for Austria on August 17th was certainly not to stay for Christmas but I fell in love with the place and my surroundings so much that I decided to stay and let me tell you I am so so glad I did! You may think that deciding to stay was just an over night decision but in fact it took weeks! My study abroad experience in Austria thought me so much about myself and as a result I am so excited to bring everything I have learned about myself and life in general forward with me into 2017.

I am one of those people who overthink and as much as it can be a good thing because it can prevent me from making stupid decisions in the spur of the moment it can also be a barrier when it comes to enjoying myself so you can only imagine how much I was over thinking about the idea of staying in a different country away from all of my family and friends for Christmas. Despite the fact I was so scared of regretting my decision and missing all the action back home I put the fear to one side and went for it and as you can see I got the white Christmas I wanted. 
I am so determined to make 2017 an amazing year which I am sure will be another rollercoaster but one thing I will be doing different is putting my fear to one side and taking more chances than ever.

"Do what is right and not what is easy".

Éadaoin xoxo

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Fashion Aid Travels | Paris Edition

Black fitted blazer with gold button detail Direct Link / Over the knee- stretch high heel boots Direct Link / City bag with canvas strap Direct Link / Waxed skinny jeans in black Direct Link / Leather gloves & faux fur stole were purchased in France (similar available online)

So.....First of all a very Happy New Year to all of you girlies and men (Dad I know your reading this). 2016 was a year where I had a lot of ups and downs and I am so ready for the 2017 roller coaster.
This look was shot on my trip to Paris at the weekend where I had to add as much warm accessories as possible because it was pretty chilly. I could not get over the quality of this new black fitted blazer not to mention the amazing gold button detail.....LOVE! I picked up these black stretchy knee high boots a couple of weeks ago and no joke I have been living in them ever since, for anyone who doesn't like to wear a heel too high or just needs comfy every day boot heels these are divine. Now to one of my new favorite purchases my new bag which screamed Gucci vibes to me in store, there is plenty of room inside for all of your unnecessary items all of us women feel we "need" and the price is perfect for all our poor bank accounts after the Christmas period (all items linked above).

In the middle of December I finished up my time as an official International Business Studies student here in the city of Dornbirn, Austria and ever since I have been doing as much skiing and traveling as possible before I head home this Saturday after the most amazing five months of my life.
I am sure many of you are already aware my Mum lives in France and as a result I have been lucky enough to visit in particular Paris many times over the past couple of years. I am actually just in the door from my most recent trip and you guys have been Snapping, Facebooking etc. requesting my tips for all of your upcoming trips to Paris so below are a couple of random tips, spots etc. I think you all need to know about before hitting the city.

The Metro and comfy shoes will be your BFF

Despite the fact, the metro's may not be the cleanest they are extremely efficient and get you pretty much everywhere you need to be in the city in a short space of time, of course depending on where you need to go. Any of you guys going for a small trip my advice would be to purchase a book of metro tickets, this is where you get 10 tickets for around €14 which actually saves you a little bit of money appose to purchasing a ticket each time......more money for shopping! Also, as much as we all love our heels make sure to bring some comfy feet wear at least for during the day, you do not want blisters after half a day of walking the city.

Who doesn't love fresh treats?

So, it is no secret France in known for its amazing bakery's and let me tell you Paris is covered in them...sorry January diet ;)
Apart from the amazing local bakery's that are on pretty much every corner and are home to all of the amazing macaroons, croissants etc. one place which is a real treat for me to visit is the Ladurée Paris cafe on the Champs-Elysées, this is a luxury bakery like no other and if you are a macaroon lover you have to pop in for a treat it is just amazing and the building inside is something else.

Tasty dinner with a view

As you can imagine it can be a little more on the pricey side to eat near the tourist spots and to be honest a lot of the food is not worth the price tag but this weekend I found a gem 100% worth paying a visit to. The Frame Restaurant which is located in the Hotel Pullman right by the Eiffel Tower was an absolute treat after a long day of exploring the city from the amazing food and drinks to the friendly service I would one hundred percent recommend it for dinner. We were also lucky enough to be located right beside the window which gave us an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower at night.

Down by the water

This weekend we took a one hour boat trip along the Seine for around an hour which was really nice to do and it doesn't break the bank. You can book the trips in Paris when you arrive all you need to do is walk along Seine around the Eiffel Tower and you will be able to see the range of boats and offers they have, obviously, their availability will depend on the time of the year etc. but our particular boat this week offered a trip every 30 minutes so you will be sure to find one to suit you. It would also be worth your while to check online as you can find some deals there also. 
Every time I have visited Paris I have gone up the Eiffel Tower because I just love it! This weekend we went to the very top which meant we bought a summit ticket, this costs a little bit more but if you are not a fan of heights or you just don't want to purchase the summit option you can go to the level below and still take in all the amazing views of the city. 
I have also gone for dinner and champagne a little over a year ago with my Mum along the Seine which was a little more pricey but worth it.

You can’t forget

The Eiffel Tower is something I visit every single time I visit the city, this time we went up around 4pm which meant we got to see the amazing views in the light but also see the tower in darkness a short while after getting down.
Another thing to keep in mind is the time of year you are going, we were lucky this time because its January and the majority of people are just back to work etc. it was pretty quiet so thank the lord we didn't have to queue for very one likes them long dreaded queues.

"Despite the fact new opportunities may be daunting and scary, they can result in the most amazing adventures".EB

Éadaoin xoxo
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