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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Casual Approved

Cropped Wide Text Sweatshirt: Online Link
Super Skinny Low Waist Jeans:Online Link
Mesh Sneakers: Online Link
Abbott Lyon Black Lizard Kensington Watch: Online Link 
(25£ off discount code= EadaoinAL25)
Bracelets: Alex & Ani

Since moving to college I have fallen in love with casual clothing for everyday wear and I leave dressing up for the weekends or going to events etc.
I wore this simple outfit for a day of sightseeing around the city of Paris and I was the definition of comfy for the entire day. Each of the items featured above are in stock now and are available to purchase in store as well as online.
These "Mesh Sneakers" from Zara are my new favs, I felt like I was walking on air the whole time I was wearing them around the city and lets face it nobody wants to be uncomfortable while sightseeing and doing a large amount of walking.
I picked up the khaki green pair because I am obsessed with khaki everything but Im not going to lie I am so tempted to pick up the navy blue pair also as I just can not get over how comfortable they are. The contrasting white sole and material makes the design super on trend and versatile for styling with outfits.
I picked up the "Super Skinny Low Waist Jeans" from Bershka less than two weeks ago and I love the fit of them! I am not usually one for trying out new jeans as I tend to just stick with a few specific styles I know suit me but these really caught my eye in store. For all you students out there your bank accounts will be happy to hear I picked these up for just €24.99 which if you ask me is a steal.
I also picked up the "Cropped Wide Text Sweatshirt" in Bershka for just €12.99. The style is slightly wide and oversized so it is perfect to wear with these skinny jeans. Just a little tip for you girlie's, when styling oversized shirts,tops etc. to avoid looking wide style the other half of your body in fitted pieces.
My new "Black Lizard Kensington White Watch" by Abbott Lyon is most definitely one of my favourites at the moment.
It is a classic staple accessory that goes with pretty much everything.
I also have a discount which gives you a fab £25 off any Abbott Lyon watch if you simply use the discount code "EadaoinAL25".
I also just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the Fashion Aid followers for all your love and support over the past few months.
As many of you may know I joined Snapchat exactly a week ago @fashionaid and throughout my trip to Paris I received so many snaps off you guys which really encourages me to continue doing what I love to do, it is just an added bonus you guys love it too.

"Dream big,work hard,stay focused and surround yourself with good people."

√Čadaoin xoxo


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