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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Splash of Sparkle

Isabell Light Sapphire Earrings: Direct Link \ Beatrice Hairband Vintage Rose: Direct Link\ Sofia Montana Bracelet: Direct Link

Many of you reading this may be receiving your Leaving Certificate results in the next couple of days, accepting college places etc. and if you are I advise you to listen up!
This month two years ago I was in your exact shoes and trust me when I say I honestly did not know where I was going in life.
This was not because of my parents putting pressure on me because they didn't I have the most supporting parents ever, it wasn't because I didn't try my best in my exams because I did but I just didn't believe in myself and as I was just finished secondary school ultimately the unknown scared the crap out of me.
Little did I know I would get the college course that I am about to go abroad with for four months to study in a different culture, little did I know I would set up my own blog and win two awards in less than twelve months and little did I know the unknown would turn out to be this amazing!!
The morale of the story is as cheesy as it sounds everything really does happen for a reason and no matter what points, college course etc. you get it will all work out in the end just do not be afraid of a little motivation and hard work.

If you guys follow me on my other social media pages such as the "fashionaidblog" Instagram you will probably see I like to stick to the same jewellery for everyday wear for example my Alex and Ani Bracelets, my MK necklace etc. and my costume jewellery only comes out for more special occasions. Being honest the costume jewellery I do own are my absolute favs and I like to invest a little more in them just because they are usually worn like I said to more special occasions etc.

The three pieces which feature in this look are from
You can also check them out over on Instagram "lilyandrosebyzetterberg"
From the packaging to the quality of the pieces I honestly could not compliment the brand more.

I will be taking off on  my big adventure next week so don't forget to check out the "Fashionaid" Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram for lots more.

"Never give up on what you want from life"

Éadaoin xoxo

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