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Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Satin blouse with frill detail Direct Link / Combined fine heel ankle boots Direct Link / Regular waist super skinny jeans Direct Link / Eyetelia ring Direct Link 

This look was shot in the beautiful city of Le Mans, France last week where I was visiting my Mum and her partner for a couple of days. If you guys, follow the "Fashionaid" Snapchat you will already know I almost gave my Mum a heart attack when I surprised her in her apartment :) 
So finally, I am home and back at my desk! As much as I loved my trips to Prague, Munich, Paris and Le Mans over the past two weeks I am a sucker for a routine and living out of a suitcase can become a problem after a while.
So, as you already know I am currently on Erasmus with college and as a result I been both living and studying in Austria for the past couple of months, since August to be exact.
I have been receiving heaps of emails, snapchats, etc. from you guys in relation to going on an Erasmus yourself, how to plan for one, what it involves etc.
So below I have popped my top three tips to help you guys get planning for your big adventure.

1. Contacts
It was exactly this time last year when I was approached by my lecturer who informed me all about the opportunity to study abroad for a semester and let me tell you I was one happy girl, from there he put me in contact with a number of people who helped me plan my semester abroad which included the International office in my college. 
To be honest I did a lot of the preparation myself but it really helped to have someone assist me with all of the complicated forms when I was applying etc.

2. Research, Research, Research
My particular college had a number of links with different colleges around the world from Finland to the Netherlands and of course Austria but when deciding on the location you really need to do your research, simple things like transport costs can really help choose the right location for you. I picked Austria for a number of reasons one of the main ones being the location and how easy it is to travel by train and bus to so many amazing places.

3.The Dreaded Calculations
I hate to say it but as students we really do have to keep an eye on the dollar bills so checking out grants that may be available to you, costs of flights, transport, cost of living etc. are really important factors to take into consideration, let’s face it you want to have money to spend in the amazing place your living in so choose wisely.

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Éadaoin xoxo


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