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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Drop the fear

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So I felt it was about time to pop on here and update you guys. If you follow me over on my social media platforms you will already know this day two weeks ago I arrived back in Dublin airport after the most amazing five months of my life. My baby sisters gave me the best welcome home by standing patiently at the arrivals with big posters they made to welcome me home. The following day I moved into my new home in Galway City for college which started back the next day so as you can imagine I was one busy lady....I still havent stopped going.

I must admit the original plan when I set off for Austria on August 17th was certainly not to stay for Christmas but I fell in love with the place and my surroundings so much that I decided to stay and let me tell you I am so so glad I did! You may think that deciding to stay was just an over night decision but in fact it took weeks! My study abroad experience in Austria thought me so much about myself and as a result I am so excited to bring everything I have learned about myself and life in general forward with me into 2017.

I am one of those people who overthink and as much as it can be a good thing because it can prevent me from making stupid decisions in the spur of the moment it can also be a barrier when it comes to enjoying myself so you can only imagine how much I was over thinking about the idea of staying in a different country away from all of my family and friends for Christmas. Despite the fact I was so scared of regretting my decision and missing all the action back home I put the fear to one side and went for it and as you can see I got the white Christmas I wanted. 
I am so determined to make 2017 an amazing year which I am sure will be another rollercoaster but one thing I will be doing different is putting my fear to one side and taking more chances than ever.

"Do what is right and not what is easy".

Éadaoin xoxo

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