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Monday, 12 June 2017

Where Have I Been + My Big Summer Adventure

Jumpsuit with Fill Peplum in Scuba Crepe Direct Link / Black sandals Direct Link

Yes I know it has been forever since my last blog post and trust me that was not my plan but between college, exams and traveling A LOT I didn't get to be as creative with the blog as much as I would have liked....excuses excuses I know. 
I have been spending the last 8 days here in my Mums house in Le Mans, France before heading to The Netherlands and then the big part of the trip starts June 19th :)

I had my little sister Phoebes communion at the end of May where I wore the jumpsuit pictured above and lots of you messaged me for more info so I have popped the link under the picture for any of you interested. It wasn't sitting properly around the chest in this picture because I later realised I didn't have all of the halter neck buttons up. Once they were both up properly it sat a lot better I just didn't have time to take a proper picture later on in the day with all the going. If any of you are heading to a summer wedding or even the races it is so comfy and really easy to put together.

If you follow my other social media you will know YouTube is a focus of mine for 2017 and my most recent video which went live on Friday fills you all in on my "Big Summer Plan" which has technically already started. 
Like I said I have been here in my Mums house in France for the last 8 days now and this Thursday I will be flying to The Netherlands for the next part of the trip. You can check out the video below from the Fashion Aid YouTube channel to find out more in detail about where we will be heading...I am so so excited.

I had to make the video to fill you guys in on where we are heading, my top tips for planning a big trip etc. because honestly the blog post would be way too long and no-one wants to be reading for hours either. 
What I have done is popped the discount code for my Airbnb which gives you €35 off your first visit and my €15 discount code for below if any of you are planning on booking a trip anytime soon. Link for Discount

All I can really do now is fill you in on where we are going and what I have learned from booking such a big trip so far which is all in the video above but once I come back I will do a blog post filling you in on each location, accommodation, recommendations etc.

Over the last 8 days I have just enjoyed spending time here with my Mum and Martial and relaxing after a crazy couple of weeks in Ireland. For more snaps and to keep up to date with my travels both here, The Netherlands and also South East Asia you can check out the Fashion Aid Instagram and Snapchat @Fashionaid.

Any of you following my social media would have seen I was treated to a trip to Château de Chenonceau on Saturday and oh my god if any of you ever get to go you have to, it was the definition of Instagram heaven :) I took some footage while I was there so I might even get to pop it into my next video which will hopefully be very soon. 

Faux Leather Dress With Frills Direct Link

Have a fab day and I can not wait to bring you all along on more of my travels.

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart".

Éadaoin xoxo

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  1. Good to see this summer wedding. One of my friends is getting married at one of Los Angeles wedding venues and I am going to planner wedding. Looking for few best ideas that will make the day more wonderful and memorable.


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