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About Me

First of all a huge welcome to

My name is Eadaoin Burke and I am a 22 year old Business Studies Student/Blogger from Ireland.
I started a blog whilst I was in secondary school as a hobby and to be honest I kept it very hush hush but finally, I have decided to turn my 'little blog' into something more creative and professional.

So where did 'fashionaid' come from?

To say I spent months brainstorming names and ideas for my new blog would be an understatement but it really was as simple as me sitting at home at the kitchen table when an ambulance drove by on my road.
Anyone who lives in the country will agree when I say an ambulance driving by it creates lots of attention as everyone races to their windows to see where its going and as a result first aid came to mind after only a few minutes fiddling around with the idea was the decided name! is now my official blog which you have no idea how exciting that is for me to finally say.
I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I love working on it.

Éadaoin xoxo




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